New York Marathon Tips

Puff for GovernorThis weekend is the annual New York City Marathon. Thousands of people from all over the world will descend on this little hamlet..err…sprawling metropolis to run 26.2 miles. I’m dedicating this entry to all those hopeful marathoners and Puff Daddy, should he read this.

Tips for Running the New York City Marathon:

# Write your name on your shirt! Residents of New York will be out in masses, usually in the millions to support your quest for the finish line in Central Park, but they don’t know you. However, you’ll get a lot of support and cheers if you write your name in big letters on your shirt. Keep in mind that you’ll have a race number so plan accordingly. Bonus: American flags and “Ohio Loves NY” are appreciated.
# If you plan to keep them after the race, cut your toe nails before it. Shorter nails will be less likely to have problems.
# Bring Advil. New York is the city where you can get anything from Starbucks to pot delivered to your apartment, but Advil is your only friend on mile 16.
# Don’t try anything new on race day.
# An extension of the above is: Find out what sports drinks, power gel, etc. they are giving to the runners on the course, and try it before hand. I trained with Poweraid, but on race day had to drink a poor-man’s watered-down fruit punch drink. Get used to it.
# Drink early, drink often. It might be cold and you might not be sweating much, but you need lots of fluid.
# Have fun! For you first timers, finishing is a life experience.

Good luck on race day! I’ll be near the finish line on the right side, a few hundred yards before the finish…cheering for Florida Jill, England, John, and you.

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