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???I’ve always liked riddles, and this looks like a promising game. To get to the next page, you must enter the answer to each riddle. Some kind of prize occurs at the end…I think collectively we could get it.

Net Riddler Site

Below are the answers as I get them or people help me. They are hidden in a white font, so highlight the text area with your mouse to see the answers.

# a word
# lounger
# important
# nightmare
# bs2/b1/gm10/s2/bs2/17.htm
# /water

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  1. Definitely a good 5-minute killer. Many of these have been recycles, and I doubt that any prize exists, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    1.7 is hard. I swear I have the correct answer, but the site doesn’t seem to agree with me.

    hints up to that point available on request.

  2. The front page lists the current prize money at around $700.

    Prize Page

    Prize Excerpt:
    “Now on to the important bit, the prize consists mainly of money, 50% of all ad revenue this little site generates is put into the prize fund (plus hopefully a few added extras we are hoping to get through deals such as gift vouchers etc..) The other 50% is used for the hopeful expansion of the site in the future, leading to another Net Riddle once this one is completed. You can see how the prize fund stands above. Obviously this figure is a lot lower than the total will be as the riddle will take many moons to complete.”

  3. Thad,
    Are we playing this “by any means necessary” style- or are we being civil sports?- I have the answer….The only one I don’t know is (you?)

  4. The riddles up to number 7 are cute. Number seven is a really bugger though… I think I’ve figured most of’em out but I’m still missing three :
    (You???), (The state of Britain) and the (Vicious circle) one. If you’ve figured them out or need an answer to any of the others just e-mail me please,
    Bonne chance ? tous!

  5. The state of britain one is (unless I am grossly mistaken) not the obvious reference but is rather an easy reference to a briton but quite obscure to an american

  6. As a trained cheater, I’ve found that a little Google searching does wonders on such time-wasters…. especially when you can go straight to the answer of the riddle.

    A part ?a, il para?t que je suis pas la seule personne en suisse qui visite ce site de temps en temps….

  7. Non, vous n’?tes pas la seule personne… Je pense des visites d’Adam cet emplacement de temps en temps

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