The Matrix: Reloaded

There is no spoon...

Follow the white rabbit...

The release of one of the most anticipated films of the year (right along with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and X-Men… and maybe Charlie’s Angels) is upon us. It is predicted to be a blockbuster of enormous magnitude and breaks numerous film release dogma by releasing “The Matrix: Revolution” in November.

Just watching the final preview has me jittering with anticipation and you can catch many more of them at the Warner Bros Matrix site

There are a bunch of other little snippets of information that WB did a great job of putting out there. They had the preview at the Super Bowl and a backdoor to the matrix site, along with some very cool posters and some great sound tracks.

4 Replies to “The Matrix: Reloaded”

  1. just got wednesday 10:30pm tix for kendall, jenny, joe, james and myself at AMC Mercado 20…

    Tickets for Matrix night before opening: $10.25
    Gas to drive to nearest theater in Joey’s Tahoe: $1.05
    Large Coke and Tub ‘o popcorn: $7.50
    Watching Neo fly… Priceless.

    Oh, and standing in a 1/2 mile line with all the school kids around the greater San Jose area… very excited to pick up some new lingo to use on Schweeeeeet.

  2. as expected it was fantastic. i think i should say that it is different from the 1st matrix, so if you go in expecting to see the same things you saw in the first movie you will not be satisfied. if you walk in expecting some incredible fight scenes, a 15 minute car chase and neo kicking more ass than ever before… then buckle your seatbelt dorothy…

  3. HAHAHAHA. Check out the ‘Manamana’ post in the Sara section. I love that song… It has now replaced the remix of ‘Ignition’ as the song that keeps replaying in my head… Wooo!

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