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I gotta give props where props are due. I bought a set of Callaway Big Bertha imitation irons from (they are $150 as opposed to $950 for the real thing) which were custom fit to my 6’4″ gorilla swing. I have played a few weekends since I got them, gone on golf vacations in Spain and Florida and they have been great. However my aforementioned gorilla swing (100 mph+ hitting the ball with the bottom edge of the club head) resulted in breaking the low irons (the 3 and 5 irons).

I called up PineMeadowGolf and got a return material authorization to return the irons. They first sent me two new irons (charged me full price as a deposit), i sent them back the broken ones and they fully refunded me. It was sweet.

I then broke another two irons and called them again thinking I needed to switch from graphite shaft to regular (steel) shaft, but not sure how they would handle it. To my surprise the sales rep picked right up on the fact that this was my second RMA and suggested the solution I just described above. “Great”, I said. “But how is this going to work?”. “Well”, says the rep; “How about we send you a brand new set first and since the regular shaft set is less than the graphite shaft set we can credit you the difference or throw in a sand wedge with your new set?”. I immediately accepted the sand wedge (I sure need it often enough), and I would just return the old set in the box that the new set would be arriving in. Again, it was sweet.

So, in my personal opinion is a great place for beginner clubs for anyone. Inexpensive, custom fit and proven stellar customer service.

– Michael
(The real Michael, not the sneaky-prince stealth-poster… yeah, I spelled your site wrong. Don’t want you to get any cheap hits – you got that one covered. Hoser!). [if you have no idea what I’m talking about, a TiVo upgrade vendor tried to do some free advertising here. Blatant spamming. Shameless. Flame him! Give him to Trogdor]

PS. Back to the matter at hand. As a final note: The total out-of-pocket cost for my first set was $150 for the set, $30 for a putter plus tax and shipping/handling: ~$230 for the whole thing.
Add to that a bag, glove and 18 yellow balls ($70+$10+$20=$100 w. tax at Target) and I was out there ripping up the fairway… litterally.


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  1. I’ll throw in a shout-out too: my Pinemeadow steel-shaft clubs have performed marvelously, and unlike Michael’s original graphite set they have stood up to all of the abuse I can throw at them. Great product. Great price.

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