Pearls of Wisdom

Get enough and you can make a pearl necklace with them.Think you’re pretty smart huh? Got the car out of the driveway, turned off the lightbulbs on the first five levels (I couldn’t get any further either), you even found out how to move around blocks of diminishing size…nice job.

Next up, take some pearls from this guy. Seems simple, it isn’t. When you’ve done that, try this one, with a fourth row of pearls.
Level 1 Solution: 543 – 541 – 531 – 231 – 221 – 22 – 21 – 1
Pearls of Wisdom to prime the intellectual pump:

* “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.” – Vito Carleone
* “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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  1. Hello all, I check in on you guys every once in awhile for a diversion. I decided I should finally contribute something….

    I saw someone playing this game before with the three rows. I played a couple times with them, lost, got pissed, and forgot the game existed. Seeing it on here made me determined to figure it out. And figure it out I did….not by trial and error, although that would work too. The game is won or lost on your first move, and the key is to put your opponent in a situation where all he can do is lose. I caught on pretty quickly to what those situations are (there are two main ones and a few derivatives thereof in the three-row game.) There is only one opening move that doesn’t leave you susceptible to one of them, and gives you _the opportunity_ to put your opponent in trouble.

    That’s probably what makes this a nice game to mess with people on, because when they’re not familiar, they don’t know what opening move to make; and even if they get lucky and make the correct opening move, they won’t necessarily recognize how to get into the advantageous position.

    That said, you can even offer to go first, but then you’ll reveal what the winning opening move is…

    Anyway…. Switzerland is still nice. Had an amazing weekend of snowboarding—got some fresh snow and had perfect conditions yesterday. Visited Rome last week, and heading to Barcelona in a couple weeks. So life is good. For all you regulars to, gimme a holler. Otherwise I’ll check back from time to time.

  2. Because I haven’t had much else to do….

    I figured out the fourth row variation as well. Found three ways to win if you go first, and I don’t think there are any more. Curiously, when you let the computer go first it never picks one of those three ways, so you should win every time….

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