Ponch and Jon got all the ladies.Three minute distractions, that’s what I need when I’m waiting for a meeting to start, and someone has to finish up an IM conversation.

I’ve found a good puzzle, called Gridlock, that will fill a few minutes here and there, and shed some light on how the guys in my garage manage to put my car in the way back corner every time. That might not have made sense, but Sara got me a very similar board game where your goal was to free the little car.

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  1. This is great, but does it really belong in the Indecorum section? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy games, but unless they are of a questionable nature, shouldn’t we place games in the main thread? Then again, I am a jackass. So are Kendall and Michael.

  2. You’re right, right by the side of Putt Putt in the “Good Clean Fun” catagory. I’m shutting this one down and moving it.

    Moved 5 February 2003 from Indecorum

  3. I got up to level 38 last night, but got stuck, will try again tonight, where are you? Oh by the way level 31 was pretty easy.

  4. level 38 took me 4 or 5 resets and then finally 173 moves after that. try getting to the non-existent level 41. level 40 is hard, but i found it easier than level 38.

    So can I claim the title of champion as the first to have reached the feat of freeing all the cars?

  5. hey, with all the time you two have on your hands, try out this game:

    it’s a white credit-card sized piece of stiff paper that says ‘Turn’ on both sides… 🙂

  6. Need more levels? Click options and select the expert mode “rotation” option. Same levels, added degree of observational complexity.

    Good Luck!


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