Act Like You’ve Been There

Columbia is nice, but I can't wait to start programming with a purpose.When John Vargas was my water polo coach in high school he always told us to “act like we expected to win” after a victory. No big cheers, just act like it’s another game and no big deal. It’s a bit of psychological warfare against the other team and we pretty much kept to it.

I think he was paraphrasing the late Walter Payton’s famous line of “Act like you’ve been there before” in regards to scoring a touchdown. Without a celebratory dance or a spike of the football, Payton would hand the ball to the ref and jog over to the sidelines.

Well, that is all well and good, but I’m ready to celebrate. I just landed a great job programming for Solspark! I can’t celebrate in the traditional “-OH” way until after my last final tomorrow. Maybe I should bring a six pack in a cooler to class. One of many things I’ve wanted to do in a final exam.

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  1. I especially like #14. I also have a funny picture in my head of Thad sitting naked in an exam room surrounded by computer dorks. They are ignoring him. Then the professor calls me and tells me that I have to come pick up my husband because he refuses to put clothes on…then I wake up….

  2. (A) Congrats to Thad!

    (B) I’d like to add #51: The Dave W. method – come in to the auditorium 20 minutes late, walk halfway down the aisle, fling a water balloon into the middle of the crowd, and walk out. Who doesn’t love hell week?

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