Nice curves are a gift from GodAlmost like 3D Pong, but you play against the computer on the other end of the courth and there are no blocks to knock out. OK, so not much like Pong at all, maybe more like tennis, but CurveBall is one tough game.

Remember to take a screen shot of your high scores and post away!

7 Replies to “CurveBall”

  1. The best part of this game is that only takes a couple minutes to play. It’s a perfect short distraction…until you get better and play longer.

    Speaking of which 21665 on Level 7

    Tip: Try moving the mouse while serving. You’ll win some quick points right off the serve.

  2. this string died pretty quickly inspite of this being an interesting game. Eli wrote me with a screenshot that he had hit 28K+ on level 8, but I can’t find it. BEAT THAT! 🙂

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