Drunken Halloween?

Aaaah... The best of both worlds

A friend of mine sent me a story published on drinking and Halloween and how one destroys the other. Too much drinking and your Halloween will end sadly

The following is the first paragraph of the article she sent me:
“Peering back into the mists of childhood, the Halloween evokes images of candy, dressing up, candy, carving pumpkins, candy, family togetherness, candy, staying up late, candy, and, well, being sick from all that candy. It seems a shame that Halloween now symbolizes drinking, dressing up, drinking, throwing pumpkins, drinking, student togetherness, drinking, vandalizing, drinking, and, well, being sick from all that drinking. Many people would say that this interpretation of the holiday destroys its fine integrity, sullies its true importance, and tarnishes its unblemished memories from our youth. These claims are totally and completely true.”

This sounds a little drastic to me. I’d say a good, contrasting school of thought on the matter is a symbiosis of the two events: Pumpkin Beer! A beautiful union of good things, although you may have to get used to a new taste compared to your Coors Lights…

So lasts words of advice: I’m no doctor, but I recommend going to as many parties as you can and having a good time. Don’t have too many pun’kin beers, because the police knows it’s Halloween too. Carve responsibly.

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