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Follow the link, enter the ‘contract’ and watch your rise to football superstardom…

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  1. Dear sir or Madam,

    Your football club academy is of interest to me , please send me any available information so that I may apply, I am very much interested in your football club academy.

    My name is Bimbo Ibidapo , I am male, I hail from Owo Ondo state of Nigeria. I play in the local league , I mean street football, I will like to improve my football career in your club football academy, I need a trainer, academy youth , academy director, and football club that can improve and encourage me. I need to increase the level of my speed , balance, confident, attitude, technique, to a Dynamic one.

    In Africa millions or career and talent die everyday , this is cause by poverty , hunger, lack of good guardian, lack of people to say ‘keep it up” “Very good’ that is why many youth search for international trail , where they can get the best of football.

    I will like to attend you football club academy, I am somehow good to my level , but I still need a trainer and a youth scout that can improve my confident and talent, I will like to develop my football career to the best level, and I know your club will be able to help me. I know full complement of young players are available in your club and football academy, I learnt you normally consider boys recommendation from your scouts and ex-professional players who recognize the high standards you which to recruit to your club , but I need a club like your club that will improve my talent. I wish you accept my request, so that I can enjoy the best of football from your club and football academy.

    Thank you for your assistance,

    Yours faithfully,

    Ibidapo Bimbo

  2. ahhh, if you type in “football agent” into google… this post is on the 3rd page…


  3. my name is adogbeji tobore sunday ,am 20 yrs of age am a good footballer and i am looking for an agent that can help me start my career in england i have all the neccessary document that is required and i have lots of pics of mine i heard of ur academy and its relly great having one like this i want u to help e get a football agent i want to be a good proffessional football,i liked these site keep the good work rolling ,plz reply my mail thanks.
    adogbeji sunday.

  4. hello sir,
    my name is kelechi, i am from imo state, ibut i stay in lagos with my parents. i am a very good footballer, i play in a local team here in lagos but i am looking for a sponsor, i realy need somebody to sponsor me.i am lookiing for an agent that will help me start my football carreer in england or better still link me up in one of nigerian clubs, i am a very good player,i am 5 inches tall,i am a right foot player. please i need your help.

  5. i am a footballer from the west coast of africa namely Ghana.i wish to have an access to a football agent to help me into a decent league.i have the talent and persistence and good references too.i am of age and reside in Dublin.i play on the right wing and my former team have won the league three times.i had a golden boot and i know with the right agent i can rise to the top.i am pleading with you for number is 0868981594.thank you.

  6. Good day sir
    i Lanre Oyelere from nigeria, i need ur assistant to get a club, i am 16 years old if u find any plz contact me through this email and call me on htis number 2348035070911,
    i need the agent that will help me fufill my dream i know i ve the talent, courage of scoring goals so i need ur help sir, i am very ready for any trials because i am sure of myself.
    bye for now sir. thanks

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