Review: Swordfish – B

Going down in the books for thinking Swordfish with John Travolta is a good movie. Halle Berry’s character is about as worthless as she was in “Monsters Ball”, but the rest of the movie was a good action flick. Fast cars, hot women, lots of guns, chase scenes and 7 cool flat screen monitors.

With regards to the computer hacking stuff, at least they didn’t date themselves by raving about a “Pentium Pro with a built in Artificial Intelligence RISC chip” like they did in “Mission Impossible”.

Internetseer is the devil

I apologize to everyone that got an email from internetseer reporting that had broken links. Actually, I restructured part of my website when I moved it to my Linux server, and they are comparing old links to links that have moved.

My advice for email from internetseer, and all spam for that matter, delete it and NEVER reply back. Spammers will use your reply as acknowledgement that your account is active.

In response to this, I have made all blog comment fields optional. Your name is nice, but I usually know your email address. If you would like to leave an email address for me to get back to you, please use an address that is not your work address. For example, I use my yahoo address for all web related fields, and protect my other accounts from spammers by only giving them to friends.

Again my apologies.

I know Kung Fu

Actually I don’t, but you can imagine what it would look like here.

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Great DVD Player

I bought my first DVD player this week from It’s the Sony DVP-NC655P. It has a five disc changer that plays DVD, CD, VCD, CDR, and MP3 CDs.

Playing MP3 CDs is the second best feature after playing DVDs. You can burn over a hundred songs on one CD and the player reads the files for titles to display on the screen.

As usual, the Sony remote is top notch, and when I get a wide screen TV, this DVD player supports progressive scan.

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